Four Tips For Making a Fast Start in a New Job

Begin before you begin. Let your results do the talking. Stockpile your motivation. Sustain your morale with small wins.  Daniel H. Pink, When (pp. 111-2)

August 1, The Beginning of Fall #WPAlife

I don’t think I was quite prepared for the heavy shift on August 1st as the serious ramp up point for beginning fall. I can’t quite tell whether this is a #WPAlife thing (is it just the fact that I am now THE Senior Director, instead of my former Associate Director position) or is it […]

I’m a Nerd

It’s fourth of July. I’m ecstatic that my fellow administrators and staff members in the Writing Program have repeatedly emphasized that I need to “go vacation” this weekend. And, I have…I am…and working on this blog/website is vacationing. I’ve just spent the past hour banging around in the backend of a newer version of WordPress […]

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